Sports Injury clinic with Gareth

Gareth delivers a full range of sports massage sessions, which involve the manipulation of soft tissue to alleviate pain. Gareth provides treatments for a number of musculoskeletal problems including:- Sports injury, muscle tension, inflammation, muscular strains and sprains.

Treatments Available

- Pre and Post event massage

- Full or half body sports massage

- Injury specific treatments

1 x 30 minute session = £25.00

3 x 30 Minute sessions = £70.00

1 x 1 Hour session = £35.00

3 x 1 Hour session = £95.00

Prices subject to change


"The sports massages that Gareth performs have been amazing to say the least. I walk in aching all over after working hard at the gym and leave after the massage feeling lightweight and pain free every time. He has targeted my specific pain areas such as my back and shoulder and given me instant relief. Even releasing my troubling trapped nerve. I now have regular sports massages from Gareth as I have truly felt their benefit and realised the importance of them to not only relax my muscles but to also enable my body to perform better and keep in optimum condition. I would recommend Gareth to anyone and everyone." - Mel Brickles, 2020

"I’ve always had problems with my back and shoulders due to being sat at a desk or in the car. Gareth really focused on my problem areas and identified the muscle groups which were causing the issues. A great first session, and I can’t wait for the others so Gareth can work his magic to get my back and shoulders back to normal!" Natalie Ingman 2020