Personal training


Gareth Johnson

Train in our gym one to one, and make it your gym for the hour! Be assured you are the only person exercising in a fully equipped  gym.  No other facilities are offering this incredible opportunity of training in a gym on your own for an hour with Gareth your trainer. We want to make exercising safe, accessible during these tricky times, also feeling at ease and comfortable in your surroundings. We've taken extra steps to make  personal training truly personal! Its time to stop the jumping around in the garden, let's start training again!

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  • You are not seeing results 

  • You do not know where to start

  • You are bored with the same old workouts 

  • You need to be challenged 

  • You want to learn how to exercise on your own

  • You need accountability and motivation

  • You have specific illness, injury or condition

  • You are training for a sport or event

  • You want supervision , support and company        during workouts

I am a highly motivated trainer who loves helping clients achieve goals and become the best version of themselves. 


During ours sessions we’ll be able to establish what your looking to achieve and the steps needed to get you on your way. With smart objectives and regular weigh in’s you’ll be sure to stay on track. 


With over fifthteen years of experience in the industry one thing you can be sure on is a session with me will never be boarding. Enjoying your training is key and during sessions you can expect to learn a wide range of fitness skills to start calling upon.

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The types of sessions and directions you can take are endless, we’ll start by building  sessions around the different you fitness you naturally gravitate towards and enjoy.


Examples include.....

  • Functional fitness, focusing on balance through movement, core strength and control. 

  • High intensity training, working your explosive fitness and power.

  • Cardio sessions to strengthen the heart and lungs allowing you to do more for longer.

  • Learn how to use kettle bells, suspension training, an introduction to boxing, cross fit, meta fit and much much more. 

Email for a no obligation complimentary session today.

Think about your health as an investment not an expense. If you're looking for a  tailored fitness plan to hit goals and challenges you may need some extra help with a Personal Trainer. Gareth Johnson has been helping change people's lives by looking at a lifestyle and fitness plan which will give you balance and structure within your daily routine. 

Remember; this is a lifestyle ,not a quick fix. If you're ready to make some serious changes to make a difference and see results then email us for a complimentary session.

Price Plan

1 x PT session £40.00

1 x PT session with programme £50.00

3 x PT sessions £100

10 x PT sessions £300

Prices subject to change


"My PT sessions with Gareth are varied with no new session ever the same as the last and Gareth has the ability to push me during every session. I’m able to take some of the elements Gareth does with me to my own gym sessions, which has helped my motivation, and helped me loose weight and inches overall. The sessions are very personal and tailored to what I want to do/achieve". Natalie Ingman 2020

“Studio 54 FitnessWhat a fantastic gym! My wife arranged a series of sessions with Gareth as a Christmas present. My main goal was to run the 2018 London Marathon. Gareth is simply brilliant, relentlessly cheerful, very positive and able to tailor sessions to my needs with no repetition, ever. I had never run a marathon and weekly sessions with Gareth paid off in a big way. I am privileged to work as a Hospital consultant and it’s a pleasure to workout with a real expert in his particular field. The outcome was  great. I ran the marathon, signed up to carry on sessions and cannot imagine why I would stop. If you have a goal, if you want someone to listen and help, regardless of your level, I doubt if you could do better than Studio 54” Alun 2018