The gym
Welcome to the gym, this is the space you will be training from when you have your one to one sessions with Gareth. As you can see you will be expecting to use a variety of kit to suit your sessions and your goals.
types of equipment you will be using

We have two lifting stations fully equipped with bumper plates, olympic bars  and other accessories to help you train. A variety of cardio equipment such as rowers, assault bikes, treadmills and cross trainers. We love our rig and sprint track area which is perfect for battle ropes, sled work and function fitness. We have two smaller free weights areas, one including weight machines equipment and the other including free weights and your incline, decline and flat bench. 

Do you do gym memberships?

YES, although we are predominantly a personal training and class facility, we are able to offer a limited membership to those who would like to use our quiet unique gym space, to yourself! Not seen in any other facility in Newark , you can higher the gym pretty much to yourself! To be a member you can download our app (Glofox), purchase your membership online, and  from then on you are In control of booking your hourly slot in at the gym. This approach means you have a unique experience in the gym, enabling you to use all the equipment, its not overly subscribed, and you can feel comfortable while training. This isn't for everyone, that's fine! We just want to offer a unique product for anyone that would enjoy the luxury of having their own gym to themselves! 


Open Gym booking hours availability 

Monday - Friday

12:00pm - 2pm and 5pm - 7pm


7:00am - 12:00pm 

Monthly subscription gym only


No Contracts 

Limited times and booking required