studio fitness classes 

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Why choose studio classes?

Studio classes are a great way to be encouraged and meet a community of like minded people. The energy and enthusiasm of participants in the class brings out the best version of you!

If you struggle to know exercises and how to put them together, if you want new fitness content to keep your fitness exciting each time, then a class will do this for you. if you need something that will challenge you and is creative a class is for you! We do all the work, all you have to do it turn up! We all started somewhere! We encourage all levels and we can provide alternative exercises and perscribe differnt reps/sets and weight to suit each participants,  This is not to say you will not be challenge, even the fitest in the class should be pushed to their individual fitness level! 

Being in class means you can ask questions, use the fitness equipment provided and increase and decrease weight where needed and also have technique checks by the instructor. I see fitness classes as a meet in the middle between personal training and going to the gym. The level of experience and time an instructor is giving the class is incredible. 

which class should I choose?

Do you have any health problems or Injuries? 

Is there a class you are nervous about but want to do? Of course all classes can be adapted but also let’s not run before we can walk! You want to feel like you have achieved and accomplished at the end of your workout. Fitness is a bit of a mental game, so you might not quite be mentally ready to comprehend how on Earth you do 100 burpees yet!! (Don’t let that put you off) 

Email us, ask our advice, if your new then you want to start gently. 


what classes can I do and how much?

Check the app for the most upto date timetable, we are constantly trying to keep things fresh and challenging for you guys.


Sessions include



  • LBT

  • HIIT



And many more. All of these classes can also be accessed online to, checkout our ‘online fitness’ page to find out more to join in. 


How much do in-house classes cost?


The sessions can vary from £4 - £7 

You can also purchase a membership if you are taking part in more classes and want to do a monthly saving. All can be purchased on our Glofox app under memberships. 

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how do I take part?

To get involved in our studio class you will need to book on our App. You can download this from our link below. 

1- Download our app Glofox

2- Register

3- Choose a class and book

Studio 54 is a fun, dynamic and hugely motivational gym. I have been a member for a number of years and travel quite a distance to go to the classes as they are such great sessions. Since lockdown I have been accessing the online classes from home which is just as good a workout as going to the gym itself. The classes are varied and easy to follow . Sam and Gareth are both enthusiastic, entertaining and excellent gym instructors and I couldn’t wish for anything more from my exercise classes. Vikki, Newark, 2020

"I have attended classes at Studio 54 for nearly two years now, which is the longest I have ever stuck with any kind of regular gym routine. This success is purely down to Sam and Gareth. Their classes are challenging, fun and adaptable so anyone can take part no matter their fitness level. Their sense of humour , encouragement and ever changing sessions makes me keep coming back for more... no matter how sore I am the next day!" Dean, Newark, 2020